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On 17, Nov 2012 | No Comments | In | By admin


PROs: When selecting a Cinematographic Company for our wedding in Kerala we were scared. Trying to locate an amazing company that would full-fill all our dreams seemed impossible. We had discussed our concerns over and over about how were we going to find a production company as amazing as what we had here in California, well we did, 1st KISS. We were referred to 1st KISS through a common acquaintance and our stress and anxiety was over. Rammohan and I sat and watched Arun’s cinematographic wedding on YouTube about 50 plus times and knew this was the right decision.

1st Kiss Productions is an amazing grass roots company who is starting out in the wedding cinematography business. They are willing to be open to new ideas and are open to different styles of creativity. Rammohan and I were searching for a company that provided a Cinematographical experience which included a fresh and modern look. It was very important to capture a special feel of the days event as well as the beauty of Kerala. We had 1st Kiss produce two separate cinematography films. The first one was for the Mendhi/Sangeet Night at the Taj in Trivandrum. This was special because it captured the amazing dance performers as well as the beautify of the application of the Mendhi. The video captured the vibe of the evening.

For the wedding we went for a sacred, religious perspective. The beauty of the Leela Hotel in Kovalam Beach did not need any fancy cinematographic effects but rather it needed a creative crew that could enhance and reveal to the rest of the world its beauty. We tried to show the characteristics of both Northern and Southern Traditions and 1st Kiss did an excellent job of this. The filming of the rituals under the mand-up was amazing as the post wedding shots at the Club Level of the Leela Hotel. 1st Kiss was able to capture the vivid colors and expressions of both Rammohan and I. The crew was large and seemed to be quite involved in making sure every shot was perfect. I instantly felt at ease with Binu and the crew. They spent numerous hours with us on the wedding day and stayed with us until the sun set. They never imposed and always seem to be having a good time, even in the Kerala heat.

CONs: distance in which the editing was done, I really wish I was not all the way in California so that I could participate in seeing the limitless amount of footage. It made it hard to not be closer. However the distance was not the fault of 1st Kiss. I also wish I had hired them for the entire week. Since our wedding activities started on a Tuesday and ended on a Sunday I really wished I could have had them the whole week. I do think it is wonderful to have had them there as they allowed us to bring home the experiences of India back to California.

 Pureshka Maharaj

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