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We are sure as many of you are preparing for your wedding and being the wedding season most of the preparations would be at the verge of completion.  We at 1stKissINC Candid films are  also excited to be a part of your big day. here is a brief of  the efforts that go in and the creativity that the 1stKissINC wedding filmers put in and our understanding of a wedding.

We don’t shoot your wedding, we capture the story

Creativity at its best, is what our team aims at, we have come a long way from our first edit, till date. Every  wedding film cinematographed by 1stKissINC wedding Films tells you the story of two souls becoming soulmates. Marriages are not just to be celebrated but to be cherished for generations, and 1stKissINC wedding films will make sure that even your grandchildren will cherish your marriage story through our videos.

For us, weddings are more than just an event, its an ART.

We make masterpieces of weddings.  We surprise our bride and grooms with our masterpieces and not to forget, our masterpieces travel the world. What makes an art perfect is its intricacies, and 1stKissINC wedding films  works through the wedding event to capture the small intricacies of your big event . for it’s the small things that make a big LOVE story.

We love making movies

At 1stKissINC wedding films, you are the Lead actor and actress of the movie we are gonna be directing with your family and friends on your wedding. Your beautiful destination wedding will be our centre of focus for all the days that we are hired. We will venture into the craziest and weirdest ideas to bring out  the maximum creativity in us and shower it on your big day.


I think money stands no chance before the creativity we provide and the happiness we bring on the faces of our bride and groom, but still for the price we quote, we offer the best and I bet you would not regret.

Qualitative work

Apart from providing full HD output and the best quality of videos, we go a class apart with our professional cinematographers, who work with the indian film industry , hence providing your destination wedding, a  video with the cinematic touch.

So  if you would want your wedding to be a memorable one, that passes on a legacy of your Love story for generations to come, the candid videos and various services of 1stKissINC  would do the wonders.